Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention services are required in both commercial and domestic situations. These devices are used to eliminate the chance of cross connection of water supply.

SA Water Stipulations

SA Water stipulates where these devices are required and monitors their yearly test. These devices are divided into the following situations:

  • High hazard-chemical situations – death
  • Medium hazard – sickness
  • Low hazard – rain water hook ups

backflow3At Fluid Plumbing we can assess your situation, recommended and install the device you require, test and certify the device, then service the device when required.

Backflow System

Once you accept our quote we design your system and submit it to your local council for approval. We then arrange an install date for you system.

At Fluid Plumbing we design, and install your system needs from start to finish.

Backflow Device Testing & Reporting

Our company also supplies the service of annual testing of your backflow device by our qualified plumber.

In compliance with clause 2.2 of AS 2845.3, the Office of the Technical Regulator specifies the test report format required in South Australia. The Commission, inspection and maintenance report is the only form that will be accepted.

A completed report and a certificate of compliance (if applicable) must be sent to the Office of the Technical Regulator by the plumber within seven days of completing the work. When completing the report, plumbers must ensure that:

  • all fields are mandatory fields and should be completed before submission
  • the licence number quoted is a Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Electricians (PGE) number, not a Building (BLD) licence number.

If mandatory information is not included in the report, it will be returned to the plumber as incomplete and the plumber will be required to return a completed report to the Office of the Technical Regulator within seven days.