Hot Water Solutions

At Fluid Plumbing we are authorised service agents for Rheem  (Edwards & Vulcan) and Dux hot water services.

This means we can supply and install any of these brands at the best prices, we can also offer the best after sales service on all these brands. Spare parts can be supplied quickly at the best prices.

Solar Hot Water Services

Solar Hot water services are a very popular style of hot water services we sell, and are available with stainless steel cylinders for larger life with vitreous enamel coated steel cylinders. The solar panels come in several different styles with different warranty options.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are also popular due to the low running costs. Heat pumps have a refrigeration unit on the heater that absorbs the heat out of the atmosphere and uses it to heat the water – eliminating the use of an electrical element to heat the water. Heat pumps have a quiet recovery rate which means you will never run out of hot water again.

Renewable Energy Rebate

Both Solar Hot water services and heat pumps qualify for state and federal rebates. Renewable energy certificates, (Rec’s), rebates are also available for both of these type of hot water services, which makes them more affordable. Fluid Plumbing will install your hot water service for you, then help you to claim the rebates you are eligible for.

Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water

Continuous flow and storage hot water services are an option if you have gas available. These are available with a five star rating so they comply with the current government regulations and also have a low running cost.

Controlled Water Temperature

The continuous flow gas hot water services can be installed with control panels in your house so you can select the temperature of the water you wish to use and only use the hot tap. No more mixing with the cold water tap to get the perfect temperature you like. A bath filling setting is also available so the hot water turns off automatically once your bath is full of water. Gas hot water services can be used to boost your supply when fitted to your solar hot water service, for high demand situations or on days of low solar gain.

Whatever your hot water service needs are we can help you in either domestic or commercial situations.